Things We Love

Preparing to bring your baby home can be exciting and fun, but also just slightly terrifying. The amount of “stuff” is overwhelming and the lists the baby stores give you with registry “must haves” is looooong.

Here is a secret, you really don’t need much at all to have a happy healthy baby. Bottle Sterilizer? Meh. Wipe Warmer? Not necessary. Changing pad? That’s where my folded laundry that hadn’t been put away lived for about two years till my husband finally asked what that “weird mattress” was for.

But there are a few things that I recommend in my classes and I wanted to put some of them here so you could find them easily. So pull yourself out of the 1am rabbit hole of stroller reviews on Amazon and focus your energies elsewhere.


Sound machines are not only essential in helping babies sooth themselves to sleep and sleep longer stretches, but I also love bringing one to the hospital when I have a doula client to block out distracting hallway noise.

After burning through two sound machines that had limited options for sounds, would cut in and out annoying and had ugly wires for my boys to “play” with, I found this gem. Small and easy to use, it quickly links to your smart phone so you can choose from a huge amount of sound options and adjust the volume without going back into the room. If you haven’t had your baby yet, you will soon realize how crucial this is! Nothing like playing dead on the floor until your baby stops stirring because you needed to sneak in…

It also has a built in night light that can be adjusted (color and brightness) from your phone. Perfect for those midnight feeding sessions when you don’t want to put a nipple in your baby’s nose, but don’t want then to fully wake up either!

Bath Thermometer  

Nobody likes a cold bath, cheap and easy this one fits the bill. Aim for 100 degrees.


A Great Swaddle

Cheap and easy to use, I used Swaddle Me for my kids. Cotton in Summer, fleece when we visit my mom who keeps her house at 65?!


Putting it on the registry for someone else to buy? Ollie Swaddles are a great splurge.


The little stinker will ONLY sleep with his hand up? Try this Love to Dream swaddle.


Rectal Themometer 

Don’t bother with the fancy forehead and ear thermometers just yet. A simple digital reading taken from baby’s behind is your best bet for an accurate temperature in a newborn. Let your doctor know if your newborn has a temp over 100.4


Changing Pad Liners

So you got the changing pad (really any Ikea couch will do, but you do you..) and you have the covers that match the nursery decor. But diaper changing can be adventurous at times. Use these on top of the cover for easy clean up (and less laundry) and keep one in a “diaper station” near your couch, I’m telling you that changing table will feel SO FAR when The Bachelor is on…


This page is under construction. More “Things we love” to come…