Doula Services

Do I need a Doula? 

Giving birth. It is a feat of physical and emotional strength while also being one of the most natural things that we as humans do, but for most of us we are going in pretty blind as far as what to expect.  

What will a contraction really feel like? How will I know when to go to the hospital? How will I manage when things get intense? What if my doctor asks to intervene with something I wasn’t planning on? Can my partner support me the way I will need, when I don’t even know what that is yet?! 

Maybe it’s time to consider a doula. 

Like a guide on a huge mountain trek or a training group for a marathon, a doula gives you emotional support, education and advice as someone who has been here before. Published data indicate that one of the most effective labor tools to improve labor and delivery outcomes is the continuous presence of support personal, such as a doula!

Virtual Doula Service

In-person doula support allows for the most intimate connection and can offer hands-on physical support for the duration of your labor. I love attending births and guiding families into parenthood with my experience and calm presence. But that in-person support may not be for everyone. Thats why I’m so excited to launch my virtual doula services! The perfect option if your birth room is full, your budget doesn’t allow for in-person support or you just want that peace of mind that a trusted expert is just a text away.

Virtual Doula Support Package: 

1 Prenatal appointment (optional in-person if local to Westchester) or via zoom/FaceTime  

Unlimited availability to text and email questions during business hours, emergency questions will be answered ASAP

Unlimited phone/FaceTime for the duration of your labor 

Partner guidance, inclusion and support tips 

Birth Preference template and assistance writing a birth plan 

“On call” text/phone support in the first two weeks post partum 

1 Postnatal meeting to go over physical/emotional adjustment and newborn care tips

Access to my resources, handouts and local perinatal provider contacts (Massage therapists, acupuncture, etc)

$750 for full virtual support package

In-Person Birth Doula Service

Because of my love of teaching group classes and leading weekly support groups I limit myself to one in-person birth client per month and this spot fills quickly.

Contact me to see if I am available during your birth month!

$1800 for full in-person birth doula service