New Mom Support

Rivertown Mamas New Mom Discussion Group

Thursdays 10:30-12pm, held at 68 Prince Street, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY


Making “mom friends” and having support during the first amazing, exhausting and sometimes isolating year of your baby’s life can make all the difference as you become a first (or second, or third…) time mom!

  • Meet other moms in your neighborhood!
  • Enjoy a scheduled playdate with your little one each week
  • Share and get advice in a supportive environment
  • Topics of conversation often include routines, sleep, feeding, soothing, transitioning to motherhood, returning to work and more!
  • Find out about classes, excursions, and things to do as a mom in the Rivertowns!
  • We will have coffee, treats and a baby scale available.


Led by Certified Lactation Counselor, Childbirth Educator and local mom, Hilary Baxendale. Each week, we will come together with a small, supportive group of women to  share experiences, gather parenting resources, and have a playdate with your little one.

This group is drop-in (although you can let us know you’re coming via Meet-up) and pay-what-you-wish (with a $20 suggested rate).

Find us Facebook or Meet-up!

New Parent in Home Support

Bringing home baby? Now what?! Hilary assists families as they transition home from the hospital and begin to navigate parenthood!

Research shows that moms who are cared for and supported after having a baby are more likely to feel confident, have a lower incidence of postpartum depression and more success with breastfeeding. In fact, a study in the Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing found that trained postpartum support can positively impact a mother’s competence and responsiveness to her baby.

Hilary’s role is educate, provide support and companionship and nurture the new family, the specific duties can vary depending on each family’s needs. For example, she can help parents make sense of the latest research and recommendations on infant care, teach them ways to soothe a crying baby or help older siblings feel included.

Hilary also helps screen women for postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression, which affects one in seven moms, or she can simply offer emotional support when hormones and emotions tend to run high. Unlike a family member, who may offer up unsolicited advice, Hilary offers parents evidence-based information but never judges the family’s choices or tells them how to parent.

Hilary services include helping new parents, newborns and families during the first six months with:

  • Infant feeding (including breastfeeding support, bottle-feeding guidance, pumping support)
  • Mother-care (cesarean recovery, perineal tear care, emotional support)
  • Newborn development and care recommendations
  • Soothing techniques;
  • Newborn sleep education and tips
  • Accompanying parents to doctor visits or first outings

Bringing home a new baby is a joyous event but it can be stressful for new and experienced families alike. Having a support system however, can make all the difference.

Hilary’s new parent transition workshop is $250 for 2 hours of tailored advice and resources. $100/hour add-on available.

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