Scheduled 2019/2020 Dates @ Hudco in Dobbs Ferry, NY:

Group Childbirth Intensives in the Rivertowns!

Sunday September 29th 10am-3:30pm (contact to be added to waitlist)

Sunday November 3rd 10-3:30pm
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Sunday Jan 5th 10-3:30pm

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Newborn care/Breastfeeding Combo Class info and sign-up below 

Childbirth Prep in a nutshell!

This childbirth session is designed to prepare expecting women and their partner’s for labor and birth in a condensed, yet comprehensive way. These classes are evidenced based and non-judgmental. They incorporate coping techniques for labor, including pain medication, to help each family find what approach is going to best support them. We will also focus on:

Signs and Stages of Labor

When to go to the Hospital

Pain Management Techniques

Pain Medication Options

Understanding Medical Interventions and Induction

Cesarean Birth and Prevention

Childbirth is a normal body process and my goal is to supply you with the most up-to-date information so you can collaborate with your Doctor/Midwife and partner to create a more fulfilling birth experience. My classes are great for moms hoping for a medicated or unmediated birth.

Class cost $250/couple


Don’t see a date that works? Check out our Private Classes below.

Breastfeeding Basics/Newborn Care Combo Class at the Hudco!

November 17th 10-1:30
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Learn to care for your newborn with confidence starting with happens in the delivery room immediately after your baby is born. We will also discuss reading your baby’s cues, soothing techniques, sleep and crying expectations and get hand on experience with diapering, and swaddling.

This class also covers getting feeding your newborn off to a great start from their very first latch! Including:

What to Expect in the First Few Days

Latch and Positioning

Feeding Frequency

How to Know if Things Are Going Well

When to Ask for Help and a List of Local Resources

Designed for pregnant woman and a support person


Refresher Class @ Hudson Collective

Opps you did it again…

First birth seem like a blur? Want to brush up on your childbirth basics? Want things to be different? Changed hospitals/providers? Want to have a VBAC? Moved and want to meet other pregnant couples in Westchester? These are all reasons to join us for this fun informative class! We we cover all the basics (when to go to the hospital, how to cope with labor pain, knowing your intervention options) plus learn how a second birth may be different and how to help adjust older siblings.

$200/couple No current dates


Private Childbirth Classes

If you and your partner are looking for a comprehensive, cooperative childbirth class that works with your schedule, please email me at to register for a private session.

I can come to the location of your choice in Southern Westchester County

Class Cost $450

Email to book 

Why Take a Childbirth Class?

Taking a comprehensive childbirth class prepares you and your partner for the birth ahead. Every labor and birth is unique, and preparing with more than one strategy is important.

See more on this topic here: Do I really need to take a childbirth class?

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