After the birth of my first son in a large New York City Hospital, I was drawn to Childbirth Education as a way IMG_6396-Edit-2to help families have a satisfying and positive birth experience in any setting. I figured, they will tell me what to do when I get there…

Spoiler alert, the nurses are not there to hold your hand or massage your back.

My classes are evidenced based and non-judgmental. They incorporate many coping techniques, including pain medication, to help each family find what approach is going to best support them. In addition to being a Childbirth Educator, I’m also a Lactation Counselor and help woman transition to parenthood through new mom groups, home visits and validation that this. shit. is. hard.

I am a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and my classes do not focus on one particular method but rather on the process of birth, a wide-variety of birth strategies and providing the skills for families to collaborate with their providers and becoming active participants in their birth experience. My classes’ cover natural non-medicated birth, as well as, common interventions and medications including induction, epidural and cesarean birth.

I feel very honored to be able to empower new parents to welcome and care for their babies with knowledge, confidence and a good dose of humor.
Raised in Rhode Island, educated in Boston and married to an English charmer, I currently call Hastings-on-Hudson home with my family that includes two young sons.


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