After the birth of her first son in a large New York City Hospital, Hilary was drawn to Childbirth Education as a way IMG_6396-Edit-2to help pregnant woman have a satisfying and positive birth experience in any setting.

Hilary’s classes are evidenced based and non-judgmental. They incorporate many coping techniques, including pain medication, to help each family find what approach is going to best support them. In addition to being a Childbirth Educator, Hilary is also a Certified Lactation Counselor and helps woman transition to parenthood through new mom groups and home visits.
She feels very honored to be able to empower new parents to welcome and care for their babies with knowledge, confidence and a good dose of humor.
Raised in Rhode Island, educated in Boston and married to an English charmer, Hilary currently calls Hastings-on-Hudson home with her family that includes two young sons.

Hilary is trained by the Childbirth Education Association of New York and her classes do not focus on one particular method but rather on the process of birth and a wide-variety of pain-coping and birth strategies. Hilary’s classes’ cover natural non-medicated birth, as well as, common interventions and medications including induction, epidural and cesarean birth.


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