Women need protection from formula ads and support to promote breastfeeding

“Nearly all mothers are physically able to breastfeed and will do so if they have accurate information and support,” 

breastfeeding1Great article on the UN’s website today (click above quote) detailing some of the ways woman become discouraged when breastfeeding. So many women often think they “won’t have enough milk”, which is rare with a proper start and support. But from what you see in the formula ads they would have you think it’s common! That is where the support comes in. I’m lucky enough to live in an area where a boob out at the playground or coffee shop is expected and encouraged. But not everyone has their community, co-workers or even family behind them giving them correct information or support. This week is the start of world breastfeeding week, congratulate the next breastfeeding mom you see on giving her baby the world’s most perfect food.


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