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We took Hilary’s Labor class last week and we are SO glad we did. She has an equal balance between science based fact and natural birth processes. No question was too weird, she gladly answered everything with thoughtful and at times funny answers. She makes you feel very comfortable!

My husband and I took Hilary’s Labor class and we were very happy we did. Our class was small, which helped make it feel more personal and made us more comfortable. She was able to speak specifically to our hospital and our midwife practice. She does a great job of covering a lot without making it feeling too overwhelming or too boring. She uses a presentation but supplements it with videos, props, take home worksheets and personal stories – which makes the information more digestible. Her class includes information about natural and medicated labor and provides techniques for both. I would highly recommend her class.

Emily S.

My husband and I took the Childbirth Prep Class. I didn’t really think a birth prep class was necessary. Women have given birth for centuries without a class why give up a Saturday and spend the money on one? Luckily my husband pushed us to do it. Hilary our instructor was great. I ended up asking more questions in a six hour class than I probably did in four years of high school. The class is extremely well organized and every bit of information was relevant and will be extremely helpful during the birthing process. The only downside to it was I had to tell my husband “you were right.”

Katie F.

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